full framed visions

Full Framed Visions

A small and detail oriented photography company started in 2010 by William Lay. The idea behind Full Framed Visions is to offer beautiful, long lasting memories at competitive rates. William Lay, a competent and talented photographer, has studied for years as both a photographer and digital graphic artist. William has an eye for detail, a talent for telling a story, and a desire to bring his art to everything he does. Whether he is making photographs or painting a new masterpiece, William Lay always brings pride and professionalism to his work. William was Born in Redmond, Oregon and raised in Eugene, Oregon, William has been around some of the most wonderful sites the Northwest has to offer. From Silver Falls to Cannon Beach to Portland's street fairs; he always brings his heart with him in order to capture what Oregon is most known for: its stunning natural beauty.

William studied the fine arts all throughout his schooling. He has worked tirelessly to refine his artistic skills, settling on photography and digital graphic art. In 2002, he joined the military and his art took a back burner to the needs of his country and those he loved. Being deployed to Iraq in 2004, William had the opportunity to see the world through different eyes and was able to realize the truth that many never see. With a new found desire for life, William took up his arts when he returned home and began a healing process that for him, and many like him, may take years. This process has given him a unique perspective in the arts a chance to show people that life, no matter how hard, always has beauty in it.

Today, a dedicated photographer and enthusiast of the arts, William travels widely to capture images of life, nature, and truth where ever he finds it. Full Framed visions is the realization of a dream to not only help others capture and immortalize their memories, but to create beautiful fine art. Using just his cameras, computers, and his own eyes, William always captures a unique view of the world.

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